5 glasses of hot water a day helps detoxification
(Translation; Excerpt)
Source: Internet ( 2010/06/02

Drinking hot water to detoxify is popular in Japan's entertainment sector. This method, originated in the Indian ayurveda, is to heat up the body to achieve detoxification, similar to rubbing the body with sesame oil. It is simple, easy and costs virtually nothing. After a well-known movie star's endorsement, it has become a trend in Japan nowadays!

Drinking hot water has these effects on health:

1. boost metabolism
2. adjust taste
3. emit toxic
4. feel the stomach is filled
5. help digestion
6. relieve stress

According to ayurveda, physical and mental health is affected by 3 elements: wind, fire and water. Disorders such as headache, neck pain, insomnia, rough skin, constipation, etc. are caused by the imbalance of the 3 elements. Drinking hot water plays a role in balancing these elements.

Although drinking water is very simple, in order to achieve the best detoxification results, some guidelines must be followed.

1. Drink a glass of hot water after getting up in the morning
2. Drink 1.2 to 1.5 liters of hot water per day
3. Drink slowly, a little at a time, do not rush
4. Drink a glass of warm water after taking a bath

As proven by results in many Japanese entertainers, drinking hot water is an effective method to improve the basic metabolism, to discharge waste material, to beautify skin and to lose weight. To take care your health without spending money! Why not give it a try?
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