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你知道為什麼赤腳站在大樹下,會帶來人體健康?防老化也強身嗎? 因為赤腳站在大樹下,比起乾燥的水泥地或陽光曝曬的乾地,大樹下的土壤有恰好 溼度。而溼度不足則無法「導電」,靜電自然無法釋放,因此避雷針或接地線的末 端,都是深入地下至少兩公尺,原因就是深度土壤的溼度不易散失,利於導電進入 地球中之故。

有一位旅居美國多年,享富盛譽的草藥老中醫師,在臨終前交代傳人宣導以下的實 例,以造福更多人:
一位跨國財團的老董事長,已經患有多年的失眠症,尋遍各國頂尖名醫,所耗費交 通費、醫療費每年都在數百萬美金之譜。每晚在房間裡來回走動,雖然對企業有更 多時間去關注,卻造成家人的不安與擔心。 他的兒子無意間聽到Dr.Christopher的演講,強調我們每天一定要和土地接觸,體 內才不會積靜電。他帶著父親到濕潤的草地上光腳走了十分鐘,第二天早上,家人 發現老董事長沈睡了一晚,精神煥發地醒來。

最長壽擅於養生的日本,規定小孩子的鞋子不准用橡皮鞋底,否則是違法的。橡皮 或人造皮不會導電,穿著這類鞋子就是與地球絕緣,無形中累積過多靜電,會引起 身體的提早老化、免疫力下降,輕者有很多不適,包括失眠。重者則引發健康失調, 包括癌症提早發生。(現代人癌症比率不正常地偏高:成年人平均接近33%)

人造化學產品目前已有一千萬種以上,這些產品遍佈衣食住行,以穿在腳上的鞋子 來說,市面上百分之九十以上所供應的都是人造鞋底,這與傳統自然材質的草鞋、 布鞋、木鞋甚至於皮鞋最大的不同是──不導電。

人體是個生物電磁場,我們生活在大自然的大電磁場中,一旦大自然的平衡更改或 被阻擋,人身體累積過多的靜電使身心都會引起病態、不舒服。各種 “先進”現代 化的城市裡鋪滿柏油路、水泥地、地磚,都是不導電的物質。再加上乘坐橡皮輪胎 的車子、人工鞋底,現代人可以一天二十四小時都在「絕緣體」世界生活,它所造 成的問題很值得去探討。

高樓中的地面不論是否潮濕,均不是"地球表面",也無法排出靜電,因此每天最好 要在草地、土地、石子地或海灘上光腳走走,有病的人尤其要多多和大自然親近, 記得脫下橡皮鞋底,否則再多的深呼吸、散步也是無濟於事的喔。

Barefoot on the ground is healthy

[To eliminate the accumulation of excessive static electricity in your body]

Do you know why barefoot standing under the tree, can bring to human health and slow down aging? Under large trees the soil has better huminity than places that are directly exposed to the sun. The lack of humidity is less conductive in releasing static. That is why a lightning rod is always situatated at least two meters underground to get soil moisture for better conductivity.

A senior Chinese herbist who lived in the U.S. for many years gave advice with the following account of an instance hoping to benefit more people:

The board director of a multinational consortium, who has been suffering from insomnia for years, spent millions of dollars in searching for the country' s top doctors to cure him. While moving around the room every night might give him more time to focus on business, this has casused him discomfort and the family's anxiety and worry.

His son overheard Dr.Christopher's speech, which stresses that we must have direct contact with the earth everyday to avoid excessive accumulation of static electricity in our body. He led his father to walk barefoot on the moised grass for ten minutes. The next morning, his father woke up refreshed after a good night sleep.

Under the traditional Japanese health guidelines, children shoes with rubber soles are illegal. Rubber or leather is not conductive, wearing these shoes is insulated with the earth, potentially excessive accumulation of static electricity can cause the body of premature aging, weakened immunity, body discomfort, insomnia, etc. Severe health disorders including cancer may occur. (Modern abnormally high cancer rates: an average of nearly 33% of adults)

Throughout the food, clothing, and shoes millions of kinds of synthetic chemical products exist nowadays. More than ninety percent of the shoes in the market are not conductive.

The human body is bio-electromagnetic while the earth we live in is a large natural electromagnetic field. Once the balance of nature is altered or blocked, the accumulation of excessive static in human body can cause physical and mental illness. Modern life facilities covered with asphalt, concrete, brick, are non-conductive material. Together with rubber tires, man-made soles, modern people can have twenty-four hours in the "insulation" life. It is vital to look into the problems.

It is important to have direct contact with the earth in order to discharge static electricity from the body. It is best to walk barefoot on the grass, stone ground or the beach on a daily basis. So take off your shoes and walk barefoot to get the health benefit.
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