Black Fungus Can Cure Cardiovascular Blockage  
(Translation, Excerpt)

Mr. Huang, a community leaders in San Francisco, suffered from artery blockage and was about to have a cardiac surgery. Because of a special event, he sought the doctor's permission to postpone the surgery. In the meantime, Mr. Huang found an ancient Chinese secret recipe to make soup with black fungus and pork. He drank the soup for 26 consecutive days. Later when was admitted to hospital ready for surgery, the doctor was surprised to find with enough medical evidence that his cardiovascular problem had disappeared. There was no artery blockage on him and he was healthy as if he was a complete different person.

Mr. Miao in Taiwan, who had a similar cardiovascular problem, got the recipe from Mr. Huang through a friend. After taking the soup for two weeks, Mr. Miao's problem also went away.

The "secret" recipe follows:

* White-back black fungus (dry):- 2 taels, lean pork 2 taels, 5 red dates, and 2 slices of ginger.
        2 taels (Chinese weight unit) = 75.6 gm
* Soak fungus before cooking,
* Use 6 bowls of water, slow cook for 2 plus hours until about 2 bowls of water remain
* Drink soup with empty stomach, early morning is the best time.
* If possible, also eat food the fungus,
* Drink once a day for consecutive 25 days.

According to the analysis of modern Chinese medicine, black fungus is rich in carbohydrates, protein and calcium. Ancient pharmacopoeia considered them effective reinforcement of qi (inner energy) and blood, as well as the heart. Experiments in the laboratory confirmed that the fungus does have the effect of dissolving blood plates.

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