Fruits That Prevent/Fight Cancers


Delicious Fruits Can Prevent Cancer

Cancer prevention starts with a healthy diet. The following fruits, while common in our daily life, are healthy and can help in prevention of the disease.

1. Grapes: Grapes contain resveratrol which prevents normal cell from becoming cancerous and inhibits the spreading of malignant cells. Chinese medicine believes that grapes are good for many body functions. Sour grapes are suitable for cancer patients after surgery or undergoing radiotherapy.
2. Strawberry: Ellagic acid in strawberry can protect the body against carcinogens harm and certain effects in anti-cancer. Strawberry is effective in easing out nasopharyngeal, lung, and laryngeal cancer patients with radiation reaction.
3. Banana: It is found that banana extract can control intrinsic carcinogens such as aflatoxin B1. Animal studies found that magnesium deficiency could significantly weaken the body's ability to fight cancer cells. Banana contains magnesium and potassium to help prevention of cancer. Banana benefits colorectal cancer patients in alleviating symptoms resulted from radiotherapy.
4. Fig: Fig contains ingredients that can fight tumors, control cancer cells and inhibit protein synthesis. Six cancer hospitals, through the observation of more than 1,300 patients, found that figs can be used as the daily diet for cancer patients including ascites carcinoma, sarcoma, liver, lung, and other tumors with good therapeutic results.
5. Kiwi: Each 100 grams of the kiwifruit contains 150 mg. of vitamin C, topping all kinds of fruits. Through the protection barriers of the interstitial cells, kiwi can eliminate carcinogenic substances. It is believe this effect can help to lengthen the survival period of cancer patients. The mildly sour kiwifruit is especially suitable for certain cancer patients after radiotherapy (i.e., breast cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer, bladder cancer, etc.)
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