Take good care of your intestines for longevity
Source: A published Chinese bookmzRʷnby Y.J. Cai, PhD.

In 2009, colorectal cancer tops the ten most common types of cancer. Many may not know that basic intestinal health care can easily prevent colorectal cancer. Longevity also depends on the wellness of your intestines.

1. Intestinal health is holistic health: Intestinal disease, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and mental illness are closely related to various types of cancer. Toxins inside the intestines trigger chronic inflammation, which could lead to heart attack, cancer, diabetes or obesity.
2. Intestinal bacteria control obesity: High-fat diet can cause an imbalance of intestinal micro flora. Thus enable the intestinal bifid bacterium (good bacteria) to reduce and addicted fat-negative bacteria (bad bacteria) to increase, resulting fatty liver, obesity and other diseases. Being fat or not is not up to you. Intestinal bacteria are the major force behind obesity. If you want to keep in good shape, you must start with intestinal health.
3. Intestines function as a second brain: Intestinal nervous system is far beyond our imagination. There are more than 100 million nerve cells distributed in the intestines, second only to the brain. Intestinal secretion of various hormones affects all of the body organs, including the brain.
4. Intestines control emotions: Serotonin which affects our emotions is from the intestines, not the brain. Therefore, the anti-depression medication - Prozac is in fact applied on the intestines, not the brain. More than 70% immune cells and immunoglobulin A are manufactured by the intestinal tract.

        The 7 basic guidelines to maintain intestinal health:

1. Use whole grain cereals diet;
go with fruits and vegetables and focus on quality, not quantity.
2. Obtain daily supplement with lactic acid bacteria
to insure intestinal health.
3. Keep a good eating habit,
i.e., eat less, eat slowly, enjoy food, and thanksgiving.
4. Keep exercising,
anaerobic and aerobic, to elevate basic metabolism.
5. Diligently perform abdominal breathing and acupressure
on the gallbladder meridians and the stomach meridian.
6. Discipline your lifestyle:
sleep early, regular bowel movements, maintain good blood pressure at all time.
7. Keep fit
by maintaining the standard body weight, diet, and exercise; always take it easy.
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