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Pig's Feet (Trotters) with Ginger & Vinegar

據中國民間流傳豬腳薑醋尤其對女性可以護顏補身。在農村是婦女產後必食之補品。 現代的營養專家也認為醋豬腳含有豐富的膠原蛋白﹐對潤膚和抗老化有幫助。

[Recipe Translation]

Materials: (quantity good for 10 servings)
Sweet vinegar: approx. 5 quarts; Black sticky rice vinegar: 1 pint; pig's feet: 1 leg (knee down) cut into 10 or more small pieces; gingers: 6 pounds; 10 eggs.

1) Peel the gingers and slice them into pieces, wash and dry them with cloth, place them in a cookware with 4 quarts of sweet vinegar, (make sure that vinegar is enough to cover all gingers, add more vinegar if necessary), slow cook for 2 hours (or 1 hour if ginger shoots are used).
2) Separately boil water with pig's feet in for 2 - 5 minutes. Cool off pig's feet with running cold water. Drip dry for later use.
3) Separately boil eggs and remove the egg shell. Place them in the cooking vinegar for 30 minutes. Place them aside for later use.
4) After 2 hours for step (1), add pig's feet (prepared in step (2), black rice vinegar and the rest of sweet vinegar to cook them for another 30 minutes. Finally add the cooked eggs (step 3). Done.

Use ceramics, porcelain, or glass cookware to cook vinegar. (Avoid metal cookware). The soup should not last for more than 5 days. If need to, refrigerate, and re-cook the soup at least once a week.

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