Hepatitis Patients - What to watch out for  
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DO's and DON'Ts
1. Always be cool.
The ancient Chinese saying "anger hurts the liver". People with liver disease have heavy psychological pressure and are easy to get angry. This could circle back to further jeopardize the disease.
2. Get plenty of rest.
Go to bed early is essential in order to reduce the burden of the liver. By having sufficient rest, nutrients can be transported to the liver easier to enable liver cell regeneration and function recovery.
3. Avoid excessive sex.
Over doing in sexual activities will hurt the kidney. As a result, one could easily have dizziness, backache, tinnitus, insomnia, palpitations, liver pain, fatigue, anorexia, and other discomforts.
4. Stay away from alcohol.
The liver's function on alcohol metabolism is already weakened by the disease. Alcohol metabolites can further damage liver cells.
5. Don't taking drugs on your own.
The liver is the organ for drug metabolism and is also most vulnerable to drug abuse. Therefore, do not trust ads to take hepatoprotective drugs or drugs from so-called "secret formula". Taking such drugs will increase the burden on liver.
6. Obtain timely medical attention.
Get regular blood tests and ultrasound examinations to track the condition. Chinese medicine, prescribed by reliable physician, could be helpful. While there is no known cure of the disease in western medicine thus far, taking reliable Chinese medicine is the best option.

Dietary guidelines
1. Balanced nutrition.
Stick to a diet that is high-calorie, high protein, high vitamin, and low fat. Eat with less oil, less sugar, but increased in protein. Obese patients nust control the fat and sugar intake.
2. Avoid greasy food.
Bile secretion in patients with liver disease is weakened. Hence absorption on the fats and fat-soluble vitamins is less effective. Eating greasy food is not suitable.
3. Eat less, spread out a meal with intervals.
Eat less to allow more time to digest and absorb the food. Having less food in a meal may reduce the burden on the liver. This can also prevent bloating, nausea and other gastrointestinal symptoms from occurring.
4. Choose suitable food.
Choose food that can be easily absorbed, for example, pork bellies, lean meat, clams, tomato, lotus root, carrots, green leafy vegetables, milk, eggs, papayas, pears and so on.
5. Avoid taboo foods.
The following is a list of taboo foods:
    - Any deep fried food (sausage, bacon, fried fritters, peanuts);
    - Perishable seafood (shrimp, crab);
    - Caffeinated Beverages (coffee, cola, strong tea);
    - Chemical compounds (canned food); and
    - Greasy food (fat meat, animal skin).
6. Cooking.
Cook dishes with less salt. Patients with cirrhosis and ascites especially, should always have a low-salt diet.
7. Chinese medicine health care.
See "remedial diet" below for Chinese herbal soups for reference. Do not take hepatoprotective drugs on your own. Always follow instructions from a qualified Chinese physician.
8. Eat slowly and carefully.
Eat slowly and chew food thoroughly (about 60 ~ 70 times) before swallow. Each meal should spend at least 30 minutes. Daily diet should consist of coarse grain, vegetarian dishes and non fattening food.

Acute hepatitis remedial diet                     ( *** tael, Chinese weight unit = 37.8 gm)
1. Stewed turtle soup with yam and longan: yam (as) 0.5 tael, longan (s) 0.5 tael, sea turtle (one half), add a small amount of water, stew them in ranch cooking, take 2 times a month.
2. Capillaries clam soup:
capillaries 0.3 tael, clams 4-8 taels, make soup to drink.

Chronic hepatitis remedial diet                     ( *** tael, Chinese weight unit = 37.8 gm)
1. Corn silk and clam meat soup: Corn silk (the yellowish thread-like strands found inside the husks of corn.) 1 - 2 taels, clam meat 8 taels;
2. Wolfberry, jujube and egg: wolfberry 0.5 to 0.8 tael, jujube (red dates) 6-8 pieces, 2 eggs, boil eggs, remove the shell, make soup with all ingredients.
3. Beef with Tomatoes: fresh tomato half a catty (8 taels), clean and cut; beef 3 taels, slice thinly, seasoned; stir fry with a little oil and salt.
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