A dialysis patient's story
Source: e-mail circulation - Powerpoint Presentation)

The following paper is a popular PPS circulated by e-mails and has numerous postings on the Internet. The efficacy is hard to confirm. As the author said, "Instead of standing still, it is better trying something that might give a dead horse a glimpse of hope." Because the ingredients in the recipe don't seem to be harmful, this article is translated and posted for consideration as an alternative to cure the disease.

Dear friends:

If I got this recipe 25 years ago, perhaps my children would not have complained about the lost of their mother. With 50 years of family business in growing lychee, I did not even know this treasure. And, I sadly let my dear wife suffered 14 years on dialysis before she finally passed away.

There are many dialysis patients in Taiwan. Probably someone close to you is also on dialysis. While exhausted with all medical means for cure, someone who has kidney disease may want to try this recipe. If you pass on this message, you can perhaps save someone's life. This will be extremely virtuous! Thank you for spreading this news!

Almost all major hospitals are equipped with "hemodialysis". The room is filled with tubes of varying sizes. The human blood travels from the veins to the machine. The blood which contains hazardous substances is "cleaned" by the machine before returning to the body. My first experience with the "hemodialysis" was a mixed feeling with some kind of panic and helplessness. Dialysis is necessary mainly because of renal dysfunction, resulting in an inability to detoxify by the urination. After a period of catheterization there was still no hope of cure, the last option of dialysis was left.

My renal failure was mainly due to long-term result of diabetes. Twenty years of diabetes made me lost confidence in life and, for a few times, suicide had come to my mine. I had thought if I committed suicide, my family, especially my children, and friends would be painful. So I opted to continue with suffer of the illness.

I always have strong objections to "secret recipes". I have a lot of advice from friends and relatives on provision of remedies, secret recipes, etc. I flatly rejected them until I end up in the "dialysis center". It seemed really life threatening. I suddenly felt I am just a dead horse and any horse medicine might give me a glimmer of hope. After the second dialysis, my sister- in-law and her parents came to see me, asked me whether or not I am interested in taking the "secret recipe" which they guaranteed will get me out of dialysis. I had convinced myself to give it a try.

At noon time of the same day, my sister-in-law brought me a pot of soup and I drank the soup twice with an about half a bowl each time. The next day, I drank the same soup, and I start to see urination improvement. The third day, my doctor checked on me and told me I could be temporary off dialysis. I continued to have the soup for about a week or so, the doctor was surprised with the results that my renal function seemed to have gradually recovered and I was ready to be discharged.

Recipe from my sister-in-law's parents: 7 fresh lychee seeds, break into small pieces, wrap with gauze in a container, add two bowls of rice washing water, put container inside an electric cooker to steam for about half an hour, soup is ready to drink, should be effective for the disease.

My personal thanks to this recipe for cure in such a short time. I hope it can help someone who has the same problem. Saving a life with such a simple and effective recipe without cost is really amazing. Hope this message can be passed on to people world-wide.

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