The Simple Knee Maintenance

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[English Translation below]

Simple, all you need is 10 minutes of your time daily to keep your knees healthy. After you have reached a certain age, it is common that you start to feel pain, less flexible or some kind of cracking noise on your knees.
In fact, problem is about to surface when you begin to realize the "existence" of certain parts of your body. It is no coincidence, unfortunately. You can think back the time when you were young. Did you ever have backache or pain in the neck? Did you feel pain in your shoulders or elbows? Did you ever experience weakness on your limbs? Your answers are probably "no".
Why do you have these feelings? Simply put, it is the blood flow (and chi flow along the meridians) in your body is either no longer fluent or encounters some kind of blockage. The effect is similar to the blockage of underground sewage due to lack of maintenance. Therefore, it is important to maintain a healthy system for smooth blood flow and chi flow.
To maintain your knees healthy, all you need is 10 minutes of time a day.
1. slap or massage the outer edge of the knees; (2 min.)
2. slap or massage the inner edge of the knees; (2 min.)
3. slap or massage the back (concave part) of the knees; (2 min.)
4. slap or massage the knee caps (2 min.)
5. Kneel down to "walk" on your knees (2 min.)
See diagram on the right. Red circles are the relavant acupuncture points.

Must do these everyday; must do these before any exercise. If you cannot "walk" on your knees, you can slap or massage the back of your knees instead. Elders should not run, do speed walking instead. Running can hurt your knees further. If you ever go hiking, down hill steps must put weight evenly on bottom of feet. Never put weight on toes only. Putting weight only on toes can lead to knee injury.