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Drink lemonade for health

Wash the lemons, make juice, then freeze into ice cubes. Seale them with a zipper bag and store them in the refrigerator for daily use. Making lemonade with the lemon juice ice-cubes is easy. Lemon is good for your heart and bones as well as blood circulation. Lacking vitamin C for a long period is detrimental to your health. Experts suggest lemon drinks can be a remedy.

According to a professor of the Japanese Ministry of Ibaraki Christian University, the death rate of the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is far higher than cancer. Many office workers who often have high calorie and high fat food, high pressure, and inadequate movement are at high risk of chronic cardiovascular diseases. According to his research, prevention of such diseases in the first step is to start with improved diet. He suggested that lemon being antioxidant with inhibition of free radicals is a good choice. Besides, people who have osteoporosis due to calcium deficiency can also drink lemon juice for improvement.

Lemon can enhance blood circulation and attract calcium. Moreover, the price of lemon is not that expensive. So, instead of buying expensive health medicine, it is wise to take advantage on lemon for health maintenance.

[Benefits of lemon juice]

Lemon is highly alkaline: the treatment was considered good medicine for most diseases, such as cough, phlegm, spleen deficiency. It's rich in vitamin C, and good for blood circulation. It can prevent cancer, lower cholesterol, reduce fatigue, increase immunity, slow aging and maintain skin elasticity, as well as overcome diabetes, hypertension, anemia, colds, osteoporosis and so on.

Boost memory: According to the latest study intake of vitamin C and vitamin E helps to strengthen memory and improve response. Degradation of blood circulation can have adverse impact on the brain, preventing the brain from function properly. Experts suggest that the efficacy of lemon with water-soluble antioxidant and vitamin C can help in maintaining the memory without any side effects. Lemon is a readily available health product in our daily life.

Improvement of Osteoporosis: lemon citrate can enhance the body's absorption of calcium. Hence, increases the bone mineral density and prevents osteoporosis.