Make Cancer Cells Sleep Longer
(Translated from E-mail circulation in Chinese language)

In a small international conference, a speaker, Ph.D. of the U.S. Cancer Center, in his topic "Is Cancer Curable?", shares his research results on cancer cell growth kinetics. The most frightening part in cancer is metastasis. Cancer cells themselves do not make cancer patients die. But once metastasis occurs, its effects on other tissues and organs will cause death. There are, however, some cancer patients do not die even with metastasis. A Japanese anatomy studied dozens of old patients died in the age between 90-103 who had a lot of cancer cells, but they did not have physical pain.

The speaker and several cancer researchers found that cancer cells enter their "dormancy" after an active period of time. The longer the dormant period the longer the patients can survive even when the frightening metastasis take place. Currently medical professionals are actively seeking ways of prolonging the dormancy for cancer cells, including the use of drugs and diet.

The article "Effective Prevention of Cancer" mentions several natural products that can control the cancer cells by signal transduction of the path to dormancy, so I put out again the list of food along with the relevant anti-cancer ingredient. Please consume more of these food so that the active ingredients can help you make cancer cells in your body, if any, sleep longer.

1. Curry (curcumin)
2. Pepper (capsaicin)
3. Ginger (ginger oil)
4. Green tea (catechin)
5. Soybean (isoflavones)
6. Tomato (lycopene)
7. Grape (resveratrol)
8. Garlic (sulfide)
9. Cabbage (indole)
10. Cauliflower (sulfide)

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