Salted Lemons Good for your Throat

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Drinks mixed with salted lemons are good for you if you have a sore throat, you lost your voice or when you frequently feel thirsty.

Lemon Preparation:
10 pieces of lemons: 1 pound of salt;
1) Wash and dry the lemons;
2) pan fry salt until it is lightly brown, cool salt on the side;
3) clean and dry a glassware (wide opening jar with lid) that is large enough to house the lemons and salt;
4) put lemons in the glassware, add salt on top;
5) seal the glassware opening with plastic wraps, then cove it with lid. Shake well, and let them sit for 3 or more weeks. The longer, the better. (During the first 2 weeks, shake jar every 2 days.)
Do not use oily utensils to clean lemons or to hold salt. Do not use lids made of metal. Do not dispose juice from the container.

1) Salted lemon drink: 1 half lemon, 3 teaspoons juice, 6 bowls of water, cook 30 minutes in a non-metal cookware (or stainless steel); add amount of sugar at your preference
2) Soft drink: add 1 quarter of salted lemon to a bottle of 7 Up, drink cold:
3) Salted lemon honey drink: add 1 quarter of salted lemon and 1 teaspoon juice, 3 teaspoons of honey; mix them in a glass of boiled water; drink warm or cold.