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The sword is composed of parts in 3 sections:
(1) - the tip, the edges and the spine            
(2) - the guard, the handle and the knob      
(3) - the tassel (optioanl for decoration)      
The 6 blade divisions are: front, middle and rear
(each is further divided into upper & lower)

The Sword Basic

The 32 Form Taichi Sword

+ 圖解說明 Description & Animation

The Competition Form

Yang Style 56 Form

Wudang 49 Form

Chen Style 56 Form

Holding the sword correctly is most important in Tai Chi Sword exercise. Generally, the hand should be firm but loose enough to be flexible so the wrist can easily rotate. The common method is to hold sword with the thumb, index and middle fingers with little assistance from the other two fingers.

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