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Accupressure Applications

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  8。失眠  (Sleeplessness)

導致失眠的原因很多﹐大多數是受精神上的壓力所影響。高血壓、動脈硬化、更年期 障礙等都可能引致失眠。 失眠主要按摩穴位是中衝和內關。除此以外按前臂的手三里也很有效。臨睡前用手 指壓住上述的穴道﹐慢慢揉按。但切忌強烈的刺激。 (參閱其他有關 治失眠良方頁。)

To solve the sleeplessness problem, mainly massage two points in your hands: 1. Chungchung on the middle finger, 2. neikuan on the forearm below the wrist. In addition, massage the "three mile" point on the forearm (see diagram) is also helpful. Massage each point gently before going to bed.