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What is Waitankung?

Waitankung is an ancient Chinese exercise, kind of a Chinese Kung Fu based on the philosophy of Taoism and traditional Chinese medicine. But rather than a martial art, it is more a peaceful exercise designed for health enhancement. The basic principle is to free yourself from distraction and, with a peaceful mind, to activate the Hsien Tien Chi (inner energy, apriori ch'i, foetal Ch'i) inside your body so that it flows smoothly through your internal organs. This in turn will relax your muscles, improve your blood circulation, refresh your mind, and recharge your impulse.

The exercise consists of twelve simple movements and eight or more ancillary postures that anyone can learn in a short period of time. It does not require any equipment or facility. You can practice almost anywhere at any time convenient for you.


外丹功是中國四大禪功之一的立禪。是中國一門古老的養生學問,一種基於道 教和中醫哲學的功夫。 旨在增強健康的平和運動。 基本原理是以平靜的心態激活 體內的先天氣(內在能量),使其在內臟中順暢地流動,放鬆肌肉,改善血液循環, 刷新思維和充實動力。培養積極活躍之人生觀,可有效舒解職場壓力,休養身心, 溫養先天氣,增加生命力。整套運動,包括外丹功十二功架、漢導引八式、指壓按 摩,及靜修附功等。任何人都可以在短時間內學習到。 它不需要任何特別器械設備。 可以隨時隨地方便地進行練習。

Why Waitankung?

For thousands of years, our ancestors have worked hard on uncovering the mystery of the human body, aimed at keeping good health for a longer live. We are fortunate to inherit the treasured experience accumulated over thousands of year. As modern (or future) elders, we should take advantage on both such inherited asset and modern scientific inventions for healthiness. Long life and good health can come together and they are on our own hands.

Studies by modern psychologists have concluded on the linear relationship between having good spirit and good health. The health condition of an optimist should be better than that of a pessimist. Waitankung emphasizes on both physical and mental training in providing a foundation for good health. Because everyone's physical condition is different, for the elderly and middle-aged particularly, choosing an exercise that is simple and effective is not an easy task. The movements in Waitankung are geared towards stillness and softness. It is easy to learn and does not consume a lot of energy. Waitankung is therefore most suitable for people after their middle age.


幾千年來,我們的祖先不斷努力探索人體的奧秘,旨在保持身體健康,延長壽命。 我們很幸運地繼承了數千年來積累的寶貴經驗。作為現代(或未來)的長者,我們 應該利用這種繼承的資產和現代科學發明來保持健康。去爭取得長壽和健康並存。 現代心理學家的研究結論是,良好的精神與健康之間的關係。樂觀主義者的健康狀 況應優於悲觀主義者。 外丹功調身和調心,以提供良好的健康基礎。由於每個人的 身體狀況都不同,特別是對於中老年人來說,選擇簡單有效的運動並非易事。 外丹 功旨在保持安靜和柔軟。它易於學習且不消耗大量能量。因此,最適合中年以後的 人們。
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