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What is Waitankung?

Waitankung is an ancient Chinese exercise, kind of a Chinese Kung Fu based on the philosophy of Taoism and traditional Chinese medicine. But rather than a martial art, it is more a peaceful exercise designed for health enhancement. The basic principle is to free yourself from distraction and, with a peaceful mind, to activate the Hsien Tien Chi (inner energy, a;priori ch’i, foetal Ch’i) inside your body so that it flows smoothly through your internal organs. This in turn will relax your muscles, improve your blood circulation, refresh your mind, and recharge your impulse.

The exercise consists of twelve simple movements and eight or more ancillary postures that anyone can learn in a short period of time. It does not require any equipment or facility. You can practice almost anywhere at any time convenient for you.

Why Waitankung?

For thousands of years, our ancestors have worked hard on uncovering the mystery of the human body, aimed at keeping good health for a longer live. We are fortunate to inherit the treasured experience accumulated over thousands of year. As modern (or future) elders, we should take advantage on both such inherited asset and modern scientific inventions for healthiness. Long life and good health can come together and they are on our own hands.

Studies by modern psychologists have concluded on the linear relationship between having good spirit and good health. The health condition of an optimist should be better than that of a pessimist. Waitankung emphasizes on both physical and mental training in providing a foundation for good health. Because everyone’s physical condition is different, for the elderly and middle-aged particularly, choosing an exercise that is simple and effective is not an easy task. The movements in Waitankung are geared towards stillness and softness. It is easy to learn and does not consume a lot of energy. Waitankung is therefore most suitable for people after their middle age.

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