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Throughout these years, I have accumulated reading materials related to healthy living. In our daily life, unexpected things happen often. As we get older, physical problems follow, one after another. Having increased common knowledge in healthcare should be beneficial to anyone. In case of emergency, these common knowledge might help you, save you or ones you care.

This is a personal web site intended for sharing information with friends and associates. Major topics include Tai Chi (Chuan, Fan, and Sword as well as an introduction to qigong), Waitankung (an ancient Chinese exercise), and a collection of health tips as well as other topics that might interest my friends.

I have tried to use both English and Chinese on these pages, except in some areas where materials are too difficult to translate.

I have also compiled a list of old songs, Chinese and English, for those who are interested in bringing back memories of their good old days.   Song lyrics and accompanying music, whenever possible, are included so that you can sing along in front of a computer. In the past, only Internet Explorer users can play music. I have recently revised these pages to work with Firefox, iPads, iPhones, etc.

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