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It's All Good (Joe Nichols)

The bills are late, the grass is brown
Got the only porch that's fallin' down
In the neighborhood. But it's all good.

Work is slow, could use more pay
Ain't no hero gonna save the day
Like in Hollywood. But it's all good.

[Cause it's a sunny day, I got a beer
Gonna drink it sittin' here in the shade.
I'm as happy as a man could be,
As long as you're here next to me, I got it made.]

The cable's out, the screen door's stuck
And that old truck it doesn't start right up,
The way it should. But it's all good.

I don't get blue, I don't get mad
If I've learned one thing from the year I've had
It's even if it all goes bad... It's all good. Hmm, it's all good.