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Simple Exercise for Intestinal Health
10-15 minutes of the simple movements before and after sleep will provide you with adequate abdominal exercise to achieve gastrointestinal health. As a reminder, after waking up, drink a glass of warm water in empty stomach, then exercise.

A. Stretching

This is a very simple movement, can do it during breaks at home or at work
(1) Stand still with legs apart and relax.
(2) Inhale, raise hands above the head, cross fingers of the two hands, palms facing up, with arms touching the ears; keep back straight and head up, then stretch upward with force
(3) Exhale, bend knees and lower hands to wrap around the legs.
(4) Repeat steps 3-5 times.

B. Hip swinging

(1) Supine with hands crossing behind the neck. Bend knees to put feet flat on the floor.
(2) Take a deep breath, raise the abdomen with heels up, mind focuses on Dan Tian (around the navel region), and hold the breath.
(3) Breath out strongly keeping energy within Dan Tian, shift focus on the pelvic, move waist left and right to wriggle while leaving elbows and shoulders off the ground.

C. Wriggling with knees bent

(1) Supine with hands crossing behind the neck. Bend knees to put feet flat on the floor.
(2) Inhale and elongate back, twist waist so that stomach is facing left while head and bottom of feet facing left.
(3) Exhale and return to position in (1); repeat step (2) in the opposite direction.
(4) Repeat (2) & (3) in an alternating manner

D. Raising knees while lying down

(1) Supine, bend and hug right knee toward the stomach. Take a deep breath.
(2) Sit up while holding tight to one leg, extend the other leg to fully strech the achilles and leg muscles.
(3) Change legs to do the same action.

E. Biking on the floor

(1) Sit on the floor; bend legs together, hands behind to support the body.
(2) Lean backward with the support of hands, raise legs with one bent, one straight.
(3) Keep back straight.
(4) Alternate the moves 10 times.

F. Twist the upper body

(1) Stand upright with feet apart in shoulder width and hands on the waist,
(2) Bend upper body slightly backward; exert strength on fingers to put pressure on the waist.
(3) Back to the original position in (1), twist body left and right with hands off the wait.
      Repeat moves 2-3 times.

G. The giant slalom

(1) Stand with feet wide open; hold hands with intersecting fingers and palms outward; take a deep breath, chin up.
(2) Keep back and legs straight to bend forward as far as possible, stretch out hands to swing a big semi-circle above from left to right; inhale simultaneously
(3) Upon completion of the semi-circle, stretch hands and bend backward to complete the circle.
(4) Exhale and return to the starting position.
(5) Note: Mind should focus on the pelvis while doing these moves.

H. The abdomin exercise

(These are separate moves; they can be done anywhere if situation allows)
(1) Walking: keep back straight to rise up the abdominal muscles.
(2) Standing: spread the legs slightly apart, knees slightly bent forming an angle of about 90 degrees.
(3) Standing on the bus: seize the ring with one hand; tighten the hip and anal muscles

I. Knee down to twist waist and swing hip

(1) Kneel down on the floor with knees close together; with the support by two hands in front, move shoulders slightly forward and raise feet off the ground; stretch Achilles tendon; inhale with eyes looking forward.
(2) While exhaling, put feet down, twist body and turn head to look over the right shoulder at the heels (arms must be kept straight); back to the original position when fully exhaled.
(3) Repeat above in opposite direct. Repeat left and right movements several times.

J. Bend knees to twist body

(1) Separate feet to keep upper body straight, bend knees outward into a squatting position, inhale, and place hands on knees.
(2) Exhale and pull left knee down to touch the ground near the right heel, turn to look at heel of the down leg.
(3) Return to position in (1) and repeat (2) with the opposite leg for same action. Repeat moves several times.

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