The difference between perspiration and urination
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ĦiDo you know why marathon runners do not have cancer? *** Ħj

A sports medicine doctor in Germany found among all athletes only marathon runners do not a single cancer case. In order to find out the reasons, the doctor conducted a further research with a surprising conclusion. He collected the sweat of runners who ran more than 30 km a day and found in the composition cadmium, lead, copper, nickel and other heavy metal elements. He was under the conclusion that by running more than 30 kilometers a day, the runner could discharge toxic wastes from the depths of his body. Getting rid of the "heavy metals" from the body, means completely removing of the root of cancer source.
According to the above study published the doctor, the complete removal of the accumulated toxic wastes in the body through perspiration can prevent cancer. In his report, he underlined: "If you want longevity, it is necessary to perspire a lot on a daily bases." His statement is absolutely reliable.

ĦiHow a huge is the market in perspiration? Ħj
The perspiration energy market in South Korea is about NT 600 billion a year. Do you know why there are hundreds of millions of South Koreans spend a lot of energy trying to perspire? In just 15 years, it has become such a huge market without the help of advertisement but words passing around from those who experienced that perspiration has good effects on chronic diseases. It is specifically good for blood circulation, skin care, and amazingly on keeping a slim and healthy body.

ĦiPerspire can get rid of harmful substances from the bodyĦj
Why is sweating so important to the body? The basic functions of excretion are defecation, urination and perspiration And perspiration plays the most important role in removing harmful substances and toxins. Although urination also discharge heavy metals, the emission amount in urine is far less than sweat. Besides, perspiration also has an important role in regulating body temperature. While perspiring, one can burn more calories to increase metabolic capacity and to reduce body fat. Effective discharging of waste and toxins helps in keeping the body beautiful and healthy.

Heavy metal contents in sweat and urine (per 100 gm)
Lead Ħqμg Ħrsweat 84 vs urine 4.9
Cadmium.Ħqμg Ħrsweat 6.5 vs urine 0.65
Cobalt Ħqμg Ħrsweat 1.2 vs urine 0.6
Nickel Ħqμg Ħrsweat 32 vs urine 3.1
Copper Ħq mg Ħrsweat 0.11 vs urine 0.01
[Notes:] assume 2 liters of sweating capacity per day

                                                *** There are reports indicated that marathon runners are prone to skin cancer due to long time exposure to the sun.

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