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Three Rings Encircle The Moon
West East
  1. Continued from preparation
  2. Left foot steps aside to shoulder width
  3. Arms rise slowly to shoulder height
  4. Turn body and shift weight to the right, move sword across to the right at eye level, lower sword finger to the left
  5. Alternate right and left arms in circular motion
  6. Turn left with left foot stepping forward to form a bow stance
  1. Take sword handle to pass the left knee to the side; point sword finger in front
  2. Right leg crosses over the left knee, raise left heel up in place
  3. Lower and turn body back, squatting halfway, open arms wide at shoulder level
  4. Turn body left, move left foot forward, raise right sword finger to ear level
  5. Left bow stance, bring sword finger to meet the sword handle in front
Previous Step 三環套月先立正﹐ 開步兩臂慢提升﹐
轉身丁步提指望﹐ 摟劍拗步指前程﹐
蓋步盤坐雙展翅﹐ 轉身弓步將劍迎。
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