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Taichi Sword 32 Form Movements
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The Conclusion
West East

  1. Turn back and change weight to the right leg, draw back sword with a back hand bringing the handle to shoulder level; left hand takes over the sword with the thumb and the mid finger
  2. Shift weight to the left foot, right foot step forward to line up in parallel with the left foot, shoulder width apart; curve sword with the left hand to above the left shoulder

32nd step & Conclusion
  1. Right hand holds sword finger amd make a big circle from up above the head, turn body to face South, the right sword finger gradually comes down from above while the right hand slowly presses sword down and carries it behind the arm, sword tip facing upward
  2. Move left foot to the right foot forming a close feet stance, stand straight and relax, back to the same posture as the beginning
Previous Step
劍身保持原高低﹐ 直收劍回左接替﹐
右手變指上劃弧﹐ 左手反持劍前擠。
平步慢移下立劍﹐ 收勢并步還原位。
(Part IV Summary)