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We never know how far away cancer is. However, with proper daily health care, we can keep it from afar. Maintaining a healthy body requires care with heart. These eight organs are most likely to become cancerous, you should watch out!

1. Lungs - lungs are most vulnerable
Lung cancer tops the list, men or women. Why are lungs so fragile? "From current carcinogenic analysis, there are two main causes, the first one is smoking. Statistics show 30% of cancerous tumor cases associated with long-term smoking, are mostly lung cancer. Furthermore, the pulmonary absorption of carcinogens can harm to the whole body, thereby induce laryngeal, esophageal, oral, bladder, kidney, pancreatic cancer and the like. The second is the air pollution. The data show that air pollution is one of the reasons that induce lung cancer. The chairman of Chinese Medical Association (ns) suggested that air pollution hurts our lungs as much as smoking.

2. Stomach - the most easily to overlook
Gastric cancer is the world's fourth most common cancer, and two out of three cases are in men. Apart from salt, salted food, red pepper, processed meats, smoked food, barbecue and other animal meats, the gastric mucosa and atrophic gastritis change can also lead to gastric cancer. In addition, "sharing meals" can also increase the risk of getting Helicobacter pylori infection. Hence, there have been rumors that gastric cancer is contagious.

3. Liver - cancer from drinking habit (alcoholic)
Liver cancer is the world's sixth most common cancer. There is evidence that hepatitis B virus, consumption of aflatoxin contamination in cereals and legumes, as well as long-term alcohol consumption are the direct cause of liver cancer.

4. Esophagus - cancer from eating habit
Esophageal cancer is the world's eighth most common cancer. The main cause of esophageal cancer is eating hot food, including drinking hot tea frequently. Furthermore, smoking, obesity, consumption of processed meats and other factors can be the direct cause. Acid reflux can also increase the risk for esophageal cancer.

5. Pancreas - diseases of affluence
Pancreatic cancer is the world's 13th most common cancer. Among various types of cancers, it represents the "disease of affluence". Obesity and diabetes can lead this cancer.

6. The large intestine (colon) - the most dangerous one
It is the world's third most common cancer. Red meat, excessive alcohol drinking (men only), high-temperature deep-fried foods, constantly withholding bowel movements, are likely to lead to colorectal cancer. In addition, inflammatory intestine disease may also increase the risk.

7. Bladder - cancer due to urine restraint
Bladder cancer is the world's 10th most common cancer. Studies have shown that arsenic in drinking water is one of the causes of bladder cancer. Also, restraining urination frequently can increase the risk of bladder cancer.

8. Kidney
Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC), a common type of kidney cancer, is the world's fifth most common cancer. Obesity, arsenic in drinking water and smoking are the factors that cause kidney cancer.

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