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Taichi Sword 32 Form Movements
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Dusting In The Wind (Left)

West East
  1. Right foot pivots 45 degrees, left foot tip toe close to the right foot, swing sword upward atop the head
  2. Turn body right, left foot tip toe near the right foot; raise right arm, palms facing out, sword finger touches the back of the right forearm

Continuous movements of 19, 20 & 21
  1. Left foot steps forward, swing sword clockwise on the right side, eyes follow the tip, lower sword finger to the left waist
  2. While forming a left bow stance, bring sword upward in front with sword tip in the center, knob near the left forehead; sword finger curves up above the head, body straight
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迎風撣塵左右左﹐ 扭身繞劍面前過﹐
弓步攔劍左彎臂﹐ 撇腳上步左旋渦﹐
反方重複附指右﹐ 之字行程又攔左。
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