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1. 晴蜓點水
2. 大魁星
3. 燕子抄水
4. 右攔掃
5. 左攔掃
6. 探海勢
7. 懷中抱月
8. 宿鳥投林
9. 烏龍擺尾
10. 青龍出水
11. 風卷荷葉
12. 獅子搖頭
13. 虎抱頭
14. 野馬跳澗
15. 小魁星
16. 海底撈月
17. 射雁勢
18. 白猿獻果
19. 迎風撣塵
20. 迎風撣塵
21. 迎風撣塵
22. 順水推舟
23. 流星趕月
24. 天馬行空
25. 挑帘勢
26. 左車輪劍
27. 右車輪劍
28. 大鵬展翅
29. 黃蜂入洞
30. 懷中抱月
31. 風掃梅花
32. 指南針

three rings encircle the moon
the dragonfly dips water
big chief star
the swallow scoops water with its wings
right sweeping
left sweeping
test the sea water
embrace the moon
birds fly into the woods
black dragon waves its tail
the dragon comes out of water
the wind blows the lotus leaves
the lion shakes its head
the tiger holds its head
the white horse jumps over a stream
little chief star
catch the moon from the sea bottom
shoot the wild geese
the white ape serves fruits
dusting in the wind (left)
dusting in the wind (right)
dusting in the wind (left)
pushing the boat with current
the meteors run after the moon
the horse soaring across the sky
raise the bamboo curtain
left cartwheel sword
right cartwheel sword
the roc spreads its wings
the wasps enter the nest
embrace the moon
wind sweeps the plum blossoms
the compass
the conclusion

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